Care Innovations Validation Institute

Validating Performance in Healthcare

Welcome to the Care Innovations Validation Institute. By adhering to principles of objectivity and stringent validation processes, we provide healthcare industry consumers with sound and valid information, allowing them to evaluate companies with confidence.

As the founder of the first designated college of population health in the United States, I am thrilled to see the launch of Care Innovations' Validation Institute. The Institute will take a leadership role in bringing outcomes and claims validation to population health management.


David Nash, MD, MBA
Founding Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH)

Elevate your standing in the healthcare industry and let customers and prospects know that you adhere to the highest standards of validity.

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Validation and Certification

Our Validation process applies accepted industry standards in outcomes analysis to determine if the statements or claims that your company makes are true and accurate.

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Validated Organizations

These companies have been awarded Validation.  Their statements, claims or outcomes have been analyzed by our team and determined to be valid.

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Certified Professionals

These consultants, brokers and individuals have studied the Certification Curriculum and passed the Validation Institutes’ Critical Outcomes Report Analysis test.

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