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Validation Institute advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value - stronger health outcomes at lower cost - than conventional health care. We train and certify health care vendors (of all types), health benefits advisors and purchaser benefit managers, so they can create and identify superior results. The Validation Institute objectively assesses whether a health care organization's performance claims are credible. It also provides methodological guidance to organizations seeking to identify performance.

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The Institute helps health care purchasers choose clinical, financial and administrative programs and services that deliver measurably positive results. It also helps vendors win business based upon their effectiveness. Our team of independent health care data scientists reviews each program to determine whether:

  • There is published evidence that the program leads to the results being claimed.
  • The data source(s) are reliable and credible.
  • The performance calculations are appropriate and accurate.

Programs that pass review get the validation seal for their website, proposals, and other media. Their clients and prospects know that the results are real and valid.

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The Really Big Picture...

By validating program outcomes, the Institute strives to create a more rational, results-based market for health and cost management programs – a market where vendors compete on integrity and effectiveness. Ultimately, the goal is for successful programs to thrive and reshape the health care marketplace, while ineffective, unsuccessful programs fade out.

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