Coming soon: 2018 Conferences

The Validation Institute is a specialty sponsor of the first Fusion Conference to be held November 2018 in Minneapolis. The conference focuses on practical ways for companies to enhance their performance while supporting employees’ wellbeing. The Institute will lead a session on using valid metrics to choose high performing, high value employee health programs.

Fusion Conference has a goal to give participants useful tools that they can apply to their work environment. So, the Institute’s session will give participants a Valid Measure checklist, which addresses the crucial elements: having a credible and reliable data source; using an appropriate mathematical framework, and composing the data into a valid measure. The Institute’s online certification course covers the checklist in much greater depth than our short session at this conference.

The Institute will offer a similar session at the World Health Care Employer Health Care Cost and Quality Congress in April 2018 in Washington DC. At a three-hour pre-conference session, Linda Riddell and Al Lewis will give a mini-version of the Institute’s online certification course. Students can complete the course online, take the exam, and then can join the Institute’s Certified Professional community.

The Institute attends a few high-quality, targeted conferences each year to make more people aware of the value of valid measures, and to promote the Trusted Community.