Don’t take any wooden nickels

Among wellness programs, it’s hard to tell a wooden nickel from a real one. And short of going to graduate school, where can you learn to tell the difference?

This is exactly the need that the Validation Institute’s new online course meets. The course teaches

  • How to double-check a vendor’s ROI promises;
  • How to connect a program to its impact;
  • Which program designs are high-value and which are harmful; and,
  • What makes a data source strong.

Designed by population health scientists, the course keeps a strict focus on science-proven tactics and methods. It cuts through conventional wisdom mythology, and translates complex concepts into everyday language. Course graduates will be able not only to choose high-impact programs, but also to measure impact on health and costs.

The course will soon be recognized for CE credits for health insurance brokers, and has been filed for HRCI certification. It is currently available for non-credit students. To be notified when CEs are available, e-mail the Validation Institute.