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Are the claims you make legitimate? Are your initiatives really improving health?
Are your programs really saving money?

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Validation of your outcomes and/or business commitments by the Validation Institute allows your company to compete on the basis of integrity and proven performance.

We apply the strictest accepted standards to the measurement of population health outcomes, helping you to stand out above the competition and thereby win more business.

At the same time, every validation serves to increase the credibility of healthcare overall, something that benefits the industry as a whole. For more information about the Validation Institute’s subscription, validation and advisory service click here.

Certification and Online Learning Wellness that Works

  • Discern high-value, high impact programs from hype
  • Bring your employer or client truly effective programs
  • Know what to look for in valid, measurable results; then

You want to take the one of a kind Wellness course that will help you prepare. It's the only course that gives you a checklist and trains you to assess vendor's promises.

Consultants, brokers and others can get certified by the Validation Institute by studying the online, on demand certification course curriculum and passing the final exam (Wellness that Works).

The course awards four continuing education credit hours for health insurance brokers; credits for HRCI certification are also available.

This course will help you to understand population health metrics, and give you the tools to assess the validity of ROI promises and outcomes measures. Here's an overview of the course.

As the healthcare industry evolves so that the achievement of cost savings replaces the appearance of cost savings as the key outcome, individuals who understand the difference will be highly valued in the marketplace.

Course graduates have the option to join the Validation Institute's Trusted Community of Certified Professionals. This comes with a listing on our website and use of the Certification Logo. For more information, click here.

Once you have passed the Standard level Certification and Online Learning, you can move to Advanced Level.

Advanced Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) certification will confer analytical skills (and status) upon you far beyond the reach of others in this industry. How can we be so sure? For this course, you will apply what you learned in the standard online CORA certification course to real-world, published, studies. These are studies that “others in the industry” find not just acceptable but laudatory (three have even won “Koop Awards” as the best wellness programs of their respective years) … and yet you will be able not merely to “challenge the data” but rather to invalidate these “studies” on their faces, by showing that even if one accepts the raw data as provided (meaning not “challenging” it), the alleged savings or other positive outcome can’t possibly have been achieved.

The curriculum consists of five such studies. You may do up to three as practice, which you may submit for informal reviews, and then two for formal review.

Prerequisite: Standard CORA certification, and a general knowledge of expectable claims costs and utilization rates. Examples (and a “cheat sheet” will be provided): emergency room visit rates are between $150 and $250 per $1000, admissions are between $50 and $65 per $1000, typical individual employer-paid health claims might be $4000 to $7000. For More Information email

Elevate your standing in the healthcare industry and let customers and prospects know thatyou adhere to the highest standards of validity.

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