For Program Vendors

Why get validated?

You want to stand out from your competition.  Validation of your results is an effective way to do that.  Anyone can put together a great presentation. Only those with great results can pass our validation review.

Having validation gives you

  • An edge over your competitors whose results have not been validated;
  • Assurance that your results are measured and described accurately;
  • Access to a team of independent population health scientists and statisticians;
  • Publicity as a validated program on the Institute’s website; and,
  • Technical support for applying for the Health Value Award.

What is the validation process?

Step#1: What is the intervention?

You will meet with an independent reviewer and describe your program or intervention.  You can give the reviewer brochures, presentations, or proposals that give the program details.

Step#2: What are the data sources?

Whether you are using medical claims or participant surveys, the reviewer will need an outline of your data sources and how you access them.  The data source and data gathering methods are important for determining the credibility of the outcome measure.

Step #3: What is the outcome measure?

You will provide the outcome measure along with the data definitions and algorithm used.  For example, if your outcome measure is hospital stays per 1,000 members, you will need specific definitions for each element of the calculation; if your measure comes from a measure steward, then the name and citation will suffice.

The reviewer takes all the information provided and makes a determination about

  • The program’s proven or reasonable correlation to the outcome claimed;
  • The credibility and reliability of the data sources used; and
  • The accuracy of the outcome measure.

Typically, a second meeting is held for the reviewer to pose additional questions and offer suggestions, if needed, to adjust the data source or the outcome measure.

At a final meeting, you and the reviewer go over the validation and preview what will be made public on the Institute’s website.

Institute membership includes one year of access for you, your clients, partners, or prospects to our team of scientists for questions about your validation.

Institute membership also allows you to apply for the Health Value Award and not pay for validation, as long as your application focuses on the outcomes that are already validated.  Institute staff will also assist you with your Health Value Award application.

The Health Validation Process – Preparation Guidance

Don’t have the time or the internal resources to prepare the detail required for The Validation Institute’s (VI) validation process? The VI offers methodological consultants who will walk you through each step of the process so that you’re fully prepared. It’s an investment well worth it to both better understand your own performance and to get validation and the market value that entails. Tin foil hats are extra.

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