The Validation Institute’s Advisory and Subscription Service

The Validation Institute (VI) helps health care vendors validate their performance claims using scientifically credible methods. Validation is a valuable and must have designation if you are selling a product or service to health care purchasers.

Health care purchasers, benefits advisors, and insurance organizations rely on the Validation Institute’s data, analytics and ratings when selecting a health care vendors.

In a market dominated by promises that are often exaggerated and unsubstantiated, the VI is becoming the essential component of a functioning value ecosystem, mediating performance claims validation within every part of the health care continuum. Health care buyers should demand health outcomes improvements and savings for population health programs, and the same rigor should apply to drug manufacturers’ efficacy claims, benefits advisers’ claims of impact due to benefit design changes, claims review companies’ estimates of recovered funds.

The chart below shows different annual subscription levels of participation within the Validation Institute. For more information, email