Quizzify Introduces Next-Generation Health Risk Assessment

Quizzify now offers a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that addresses a much wider range of health risks than current HRAs, and by doing so, re-energizes an increasingly irrelevant self-assessment process.

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Podcast promotes Health Value Award

Jeff Greene, recipient of a Validation by the Validation Institute and CEO of MedEncentive, speaks before the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee

Jeff Greene, CEO at MedEncentive, had a Validation Review done, was at House Healthcare and Wellness Committee hearing on January 27, 2017

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Demand a Positive ROI for Wellness Programs

The “Safeway Amendment” to the Affordable Care Act allows employers to tie a large chunk of health insurance premiums to various wellness initiatives. Its inclusion in the ACA, with almost unanimous bipartisan support and no debate, can be attributed to two factors: First, Safeway, the supermarket chain the amendment is named after, reported saving 40% in its own highly publicized program. …

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Jeff Greene to Present at University Research Parks Int’l Conference

Greene to discuss University Research Parks serving as save harbors for entrepreneurs.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – (September 28, 2016) MedEncentive, LLC, a leader in the area of healthcare cost containment, announced today that CEO and founder Jeff Greene will be a keynote presenter at the Association of University Research Parks 2016 International Conference in Oklahoma City.

Greene will discuss the societal benefits that can be realized when university research parks serve as start-up incubators for private entrepreneurs. His presentation takes place on Thursday, September 29 at 10:10 a.m. CT, at the Skirvin Hotel downtown conference center.

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