High Value or Hype? Four Signs of a Good Wellness Program

Your group health insurance clients search for ways to curb costs yet keep their plan competitive and attractive. Wellness programs promise to do this, but how can you tell whether a program has real results or just terrific marketing? With a bit of knowhow, you can help your clients find the high-value programs. A high-value program has…

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Four More Vendors Caught – Doing Something Right

The popular perception is that They Said What tries to catch vendors doing something wrong. Nope – they generally self-immolate and we just take screenshots. Or as we say, in this industry, “you don’t have to challenge the data to invalidate it. You merely have to read the data. It will invalidate itself.”

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The Validation Institute and Certification – Stand out from the Crowd

As many of you know, I am on the advisory board of the Care Innovations Validation Institute. This is an important organization for the Population Health and Wellness industry. The advisory board is chaired by Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health.

Our industry is facing some questions; one need only look at the multitude of population health and wellness vendors and their reports of amazing outcomes to know that something is not right.

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WASHINGTON, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Evolent Health announced that its Complex Care program, which focuses on high-risk chronic patients with extensive care management needs, has been validated by the Care Innovations™ Validation Institute, an organization that provides health care industry consumers with credible validation of population health outcomes…

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Online education tool cuts through wellness clutter

Tired of the eat-more-vegetables-do-more-sit-ups approach to (trying to) reduce medical costs? There is an entirely different angle that few cost management programs address: savvy-ness about medical services, also called health literacy. Imagine if employees could be comfortable turning down medical care that they do not need…

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