“By reviewing the accuracy of health care performance claims, the independent, third-party validation process helps establish the true price and value of services, saving both providers and buyers valuable time and money. Because it’s the best path to health care quality and cost transparency, Walmart will increasingly favor vendors with this level of validation.”

Sean Slovenski, Senior VP and President of Health & Wellness, Walmart Inc.

“We at Michelin are committed to insuring that our employees and their dependents have access to excellent, affordable health care. But we are concerned that the cost of conventional approaches do little to improve the well being of either our employees or Michelin. We’re convinced that this new approach of identifying best of breed managers in high value niches is a way to bring a win to the marketplace and help companies like yours and mine.”

Barry Cross, Director of Total Compensation, Michelin North America

“The Validation Institute is a third party referee that evaluates vendors, looking at the claims they’re making, and then performing a deep due diligence around their claims to see if they’e accurate and true, to look at the measurement system and to determine whether or not the claims they have are going to be effective for your population as well. This kind of independent validation is critical to effectively sort through the thousand plus options that are out there, to find the right solutions to help your population, to ultimately help save lives and save millions of dollars while improving the experience and outcomes of American health care.

 Lee Lewis, Manager, Gallagher’s Health Care Innovation Practice

“Value in healthcare cannot be deduced or reconciled without a rigorous and consistent verification standard.  Many vendors make representations regarding their tools and services that simply don’t stand up to verification rendering those services valueless and, in many cases, meaningless.  To implement valuable and credible strategies, employers need and deserve partners whose services and results create data and reporting that can be evaluated, defended and verified.  The Validation Institute provides this critical service.”

Jeffrey Hogan, Northeast Regional Manager, Rogers Benefit Group


“With so many vendors offering wellness solutions, it’s difficult to know which ones will actually show results and save us money.  It is also very time-consuming to do the research. The Validation Institute helped streamline this process so that we were able to choose vendors that truly make a difference.”

Jayne Schmitz, Mass. Interlocal Insurance Association

“The Validation Institute helped us choose a measure of how our program impacts people, one that was easy to administer and was valuable to employers, our target market.  It has helped us to attract more business, and to monitor our program’s success in improving people’s health status. I would definitely recommend joining the Institute!”

Lisa Leit, CEO, Executive Coach, and Motivational Teacher, Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness

“Validation closes a critical gap by announcing that a vendor’s real world performance is likely to approximate its performance claims. And when it comes to attaining validation, The Validation Institute is the pinnacle as a Health Care Claim Seal of Approval. This gives the purchaser confidence that the vendor’s processes have been subjected to independent due diligence and been found credible, saving everyone time and money. We are increasingly requiring validation of all new vendors to save everyone time and money.”

Wm. Ashley Pace, Partner, Lockton Companies

“The way benefits have been distributed and sold for the last 20 years at least is like the wild west.  We are expected to be a buyer’s agent, but we are generally paid as a sellers agent. It’s time we create a set of standards for delivering best practices for one of the biggest line items of most employers.”

David Contorno, Founder, E Powered Benefits

“Health care costs continue to rise and continue to be unsustainable. As a result, there are a large number of innovative products and services that are surfacing around the country. It is important these products and services, and their results, be validated by an independent, third party. That is the primary function of the Validation Institute.”

Richard E. Sutton, Employee Benefits Consultant, RE Sutton & Associates

“Our focus is on lowering health care costs, the importance of price transparency, and improving outcomes for our clients and their families. The Validation Institute plays an important role in validating a vendor’s performance claims, giving purchaser’s confidence that these claims will materialize in practice”

Edward C. Smith, CIC, Executive Vice-President, HealthTree Benefits & Consulting

“Our focus is on transparency – improving health outcomes and lowering health care costs – for our clients and their families. The Validation Institute moves this forward by assuring that a vendor’s performance claims will materialize in practice.”

Michael J. Rodgers, Jr., Principal and Managing Partner, Axial Benefits Group

“The Validation Institute is performing an invaluable service at a critical time in healthcare. A myriad of wellness programs and so-called healthcare cost-containment solutions promise meaningful improvements in employee health and/or reductions in the cost of healthcare. Contrary to their promises, most never move the needle on either health or cost. Yet there are highly effective solutions that do deliver on their promises to improve employee health, better medical outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. By providing much-needed third-party verification of vendor claims, the Validation Institute gives employers and their benefits brokers and advisers the data and the confidence to begin to control and reduce the cost of healthcare.”

Nelson L. GriswoldPresident, Bottom Line Solutions

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