Why Valid Points?

Our new bulletin, Valid Points, focuses on the emerging dynamics of health care value. A reflection of value’s rising importance, it will spotlight the organizations and individuals who are remaking the American health care marketplace by driving evidence- and data-driven, scalable approaches that deliver superior results. Value providers are often so confident in their abilities that they’ll financially guarantee a specific level of positive impact.

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Truthfully, the newsletter is a logical outgrowth of value-focused activities that have been percolating for the past 3 years. It started with World Congress conference workshops showcasing companies that had been identified as consistently delivering better health outcomes and/or lower costs than conventional approaches in high value niches. Audiences mushroomed, aware that the companies presenting got there, not by buying stage time, but by producing superior results.

Then came the Health Value Awards, a national contest sponsored by World Congress, the Health Rosetta Institute and the Validation Institute, that sought to rigorously identify and shine a bright light on high performing health care professionals, vendors and employers. Vendors were asked to validate their quality and cost claims through the Validation Institute’s process. Then their approaches were independently evaluated for market viability and elegance by an expert panel of judges.

Perhaps most important, a growing community of health care professionals has emerged, focused on delivering or finding profoundly better approaches in high cost or complex areas. Value is the priority here and, while the group is still relatively small when compared to the immense health care community, there are large and influential groups that have bought into the principal that far better value is readily available. Value may still be an abstract aspiration in most of health care, but within this group, it has becoming an increasingly palpable characteristic of a crop of new products and services.

In July, the Health Value Institute, an offshoot of the World Congress, acquired the Validation Institute, with the goal of expanding its performance validation methods throughout health care. Together with the Health Value Awards and the outreach that this newsletter will pursue, we hope to bring employers, benefits advisors and high performance vendors pragmatic information on fresh ways to drive better health outcomes at far lower cost. Each week, we’ll offer in-depth analyses on emerging trends, interviews with market leaders, case studies on high performers and a roundup of upcoming industry events, all in a quickly digestible, succinct format that won’t slow you down.

Try us for a few weeks. Give us a chance to prove our worth. We’re pretty sure we’re a good fit.

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