Validation and Certification

Are the claims you make legitimate? Are your initiatives really improving health?
Are your programs really saving money?

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Validation of your outcomes and/or business commitments by the Care Innovations Validation Institute allows your company to compete on the basis of integrity and proven performance.

We apply the strictest accepted standards to the measurement of population health outcomes, helping you to stand out above the competition and thereby win more business.

At the same time, every validation serves to increase the credibility of healthcare overall, something that benefits the industry as a whole.


Consultants, brokers and others can get Certified by the Validation Institute by studying the Certification course curriculum and passing the Critical Outcomes Report Analysis test.

Once Certification has been conferred, you will understand population health metrics, and be able to assess the validity of reports and claims.

As the healthcare industry evolves so that the achievement of cost savings replaces the appearance of cost savings as the key outcome, individuals who understand the difference will be highly valued in the marketplace.

Validation and Certification Rules and FAQs

Elevate your standing in the healthcare industry and let customers and prospects know thatyou adhere to the highest standards of validity.

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